These ghosting memes will help the rejection sting less.

We’ve all been there.

Getting ghosted is one of the worst things ever, but unfortunately, it happens a lot. It’s almost more common to get ghosted by a dating app match than to actually continue your conversation with them for any substantial length of time. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to handle, though — getting ghosted by someone you were really vibing with can be worse than breaking up. At least when you've decided to call it quits with someone, you usually have an idea of why things didn't work out (AKA closure). But when a potential new boo disappears into thin air just when you were getting your hopes up, the confusion can be agonizing. That's why these ghosting memes are all too real.

The sad truth is that ghosting is a pretty normal part of dating culture (looking at you, West Elm Caleb ). Why can't ghosters just pony up and send a wishy-washy text about how they "aren't looking for something serious" but are "still down to hang"? But, to be fair, most daters have also been on the other side of things — when the thought of cutting someone loose just seems so daunting, and after a certain amount of time has passed, having a breakup convo just feels redundant. Thankfully, there are endless amounts of relatable memes on the topic of ghosting that are here to dry the collective tears of rejection. Better things are ahead.

Some mysteries really do make you wonder what is going on in the world — and trying to figure out why the flame who never responded to your text is the first person to watch every single one of your Instagram stories is quite the riddle. You can really watch every story but not answer one message? Ouch.

To be honest, few things are spookier than thinking you have a partner, only to wake up a week later and realize you were, in fact, mistaken. Ghostings that occur in the thick of cuffing season are particularly perplexing. Seriously, you weren’t looking for a soulmate, just a Netflix and chill buddy.

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They ghosted you, you were annoyed about it, and just when you were about to delete their number... surprise! Look who's back? Don’t fall for the "I'm so sorry, I've just been so busy" reconciliation text — consider this your warning that they will ghost you again.

What do you have to have to do to be Hailey Bieber? On second thought, please no one propose after a month of chatting on Tinder.

It's basically a fact that the longer you date someone, the more troll-like it is to ghost them. And yet, that still doesn't stop some people from ghosting the SOs they've been with for years. Having someone new drop off the face of the earth after two weeks is far from the worst-case scenario, but of course, it still sucks.

If you’re going to take the time to apply for a job, it would be so amazing if you could get a simple "Thanks, but no thanks," email. Literally, anything. Yes, everyone is busy, but in a pinch, even a single email with the word "no" would do. (OK, not really, but you get the idea.)

Suddenly third base doesn’t sound too appealing. Why does ghosting always happen when you’re finally feeling confident about your connection with someone?

Few things are as humbling as gleefully boasting about how you've finally met the perfect person, only to get left on read after a week. Something terrible must've happened, right? It's unreasonable to expect them to respond to your triple text when they're dealing with something rough, right? Right?

Hey, at least there’s a clear reason for them ghosting you when this happens. A text saying they got back with their ex would still save everyone a lot of time, but alas, communication is just too much to ask for, apparently.

If it’s either ending in marriage or ghosting, which one is more likely? Exactly. You can’t ghost a ghost.

How are you about to hit someone up and then ghost them? Sorry you regret your decision so much, but maybe be more selective in your DM sliding.

So, you’ve been doing the ghosting and now you’re getting a taste of the burn. Which is worse, though — being unfollowed or being ghosted?

Yeah, about that… when it was going swimmingly and then suddenly you’re dropped like a fly. How about your friends don’t ask for updates unless you specifically bring it up? Please and thank you.

10/10 do not recommend. It takes an especially cold soul to ghost someone’s heartfelt message. Like, do you possess any semblance of human emotion in there? No? OK cool, talk to you never.

This would save the ghosters a lot of time and money, TBH. No need for the white sheet — they’re already an apparition in the eyes of all the ghostees past.

Who knows? Maybe you ghosted your soulmate, or maybe they ghosted you. The thought is almost scarier than an actual poltergiest. Almost.

To be fair, this one is true around the globe, not just in Washington, D.C. It really is spooky out here.

A romantic interest ghosting you? It sucks. But a potential new bestie on Bumble BFF giving you radio static? That one hurts on a whole new level.

Isn’t this a comforting thought if you’re the one who’s been ghosted? Just think how incredibly irresistible you look when you move on from your ghost.

That feeling of calling out your ghoster in front of a whole college class almost makes the experience worth it. This professor better give that girl some extra credit though, she deserves it.

This also applies to dating in 2022. Things are looking bleak, people. If only ghosters were always this forthcoming about their intentions.

They really do look like they’re about to pull a “so listen…” and proceed to spout some elaborate excuses as to why you haven’t gotten a text back in two weeks. No one wants to hear it, Chad. Just tell it like it is.

Suddenly your steel willpower comes crumbling down and you physically cannot resist the urge to respond. In this case, you may want to enlist the help of the buddy system: Have a trusted friend on standby to grab your phone right out of your hand if you so much as think about answering.

No matter which way you slice it, dating someone who ends up high-tailing it out of your life at the speed of light can be utterly deflating. The “coulda, shoulda, woulda” associated with never getting closure can be brutal, but at the very least, you can be certain that if they weren't nice enough to give you the courtesy of a polite rejection, they probably weren't worth your time anyways. Sayonara!

This article was originally published on 10.22.18

ghosting someone meme

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19 Hilarious Posts About Getting Ghosted That'll Make You Give Up Dating Forever

Boy, BYE. 👋

Michele Bird

BuzzFeed Staff

1. When the person who ghosted you four months ago still checks your social media accounts:

eddie camacho @eddiecamacho Isn’t it wild how people who ghosted you still watch every single one of your Instagram stories 05:04 PM - 24 Mar 2018 Reply Retweet Favorite

2. When you have no shame calling out someone who stopped returning your texts:

Wes @foxmccloud82 Professor asked what “ghosted” meant and this girl said “what Brian over there did to me 3 weeks ago” it’s time for me to head on home 07:58 PM - 14 Nov 2017 Reply Retweet Favorite

3. When it's time for revenge:

ghosting someone meme

4. When you end up wasting time on that fuckboy everyone warned you about:

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5. When they disappear right as you're catching feelings:

6. when you encounter a ghost from your past:.

Joe Bone @josefbone why does every male model on ASOS look like they've just bumped into the girl they've been ghosting 10:33 AM - 22 Mar 2018 Reply Retweet Favorite

7. And when someone who ghosted you keeps popping up again:

Patti Stanger @pattistanger I know everyone knows about ghosting but I have a new dating disease it’s called bobbing! That’s when a person contacts you, disappears and then bobs up again over and over again! 03:11 AM - 06 Apr 2018 Reply Retweet Favorite

8. When you need to send a message but don't want to ghost entirely:

GIL @Xcanogilbert My teacher is telling us about this term "benched" and it's my new fave thing. It's like a way of saying "ghosting" or "cutting off" but it's "benching"😂😂😂😂 so basically when you're not feeling someone anymore...BENCHED! Oh ur acting shady? BENCHED! Oh ur wack?? BENCHED!! 05:16 PM - 05 Apr 2018 Reply Retweet Favorite

9. When you regret that risky text you sent:

that one funny white guy @yungdettiofish Me after being left on read 03:11 AM - 01 Apr 2018 Reply Retweet Favorite

10. When you realize ghosts don't just come around at Halloween:

The Captain @sgrstk You guys shouldn't even bother dressing up on Halloween — you’ve been ghosting girls all year — just keep being your worthless, spooky self. 07:27 PM - 29 Oct 2016 Reply Retweet Favorite

11. When you thought the date went well, but you never heard from them ever again:

12. when dating someone doesn't even last as long as a free netflix trial:.

Breakups/Makeups @MAKEUP_SEX *gets ghosted* Me: well thank you for the free 15 day trial 04:37 PM - 27 Mar 2018 Reply Retweet Favorite

13. When you assume your crush died because there's no other explanation why you haven't gotten a text back:

14. when you keep it on the down low:.

Mordz @Big_Mordz You aren’t ghosting if you have to announce you’re ghosting 🤣 07:54 AM - 08 Apr 2018 Reply Retweet Favorite

15. When you take the bait...again:

Lexi Lunchick @lexilunchick12 @ boy who ghosted me: what makes you think I'm just gonna respond when you text me completely out of the blue bc you're absolutely right and i 100% will BC IM DUMB 04:41 AM - 17 Mar 2018 Reply Retweet Favorite

16. And when you feel like a total clown:

seda @sedrizzle after responding immediately to a man who had been ghosting me 04:28 PM - 08 Apr 2018 Reply Retweet Favorite

17. When you try to ghost someone who's already ghosted you:

amy @gealtog ghosting someone who’s ghosting you 12:14 AM - 02 Apr 2018 Reply Retweet Favorite

18. When they disappear right as you're getting on the same page:

19. and finally, when you're done with getting ghosted and have learned how to play the game yourself:, share this article.

ghosting someone meme

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"Ghosting" is the practice of terminating a romantic relationship by ceasing all forms of communication and real-life interaction with another person. While the term may convey different meanings in various situations, it is most commonly used to describe the act of unilaterally breaking up with someone by being completely nonresponsive in the context of casual online dating .

On August 29th, 2006, Urban Dictionary [1] user pfidr34 submitted an entry for "ghosting," defining it as "the act of disappearing on your friends without notice."

ghosting 1.) The act of disappering on your friends without notice. 2.) Cancelling plans with little or no notice. Guy #1: Hey, have you heard from Frank? Guy #2: No, I think he is ghosting on us! by pfidr34 August 29, 2006

Prior to its popular usage in the context of dating life, the term also carries several different meanings that are far more technical in nature. In the context of identity theft, ghosting is the practice of assuming the identity of a deceased person. [19] In online gaming , ghosting refers to collaborating with an accomplice using a game's observer mode to view opponents positions in order to gain a competitive edge. [20] In the context of military incarceration, the term ghosting refers to holding unregistered prisoners to conceal their identity. [21] In online community management, comment ghosting is the practice of marking comments invisible to everyone but the original poster. [22] In photography, ghosting can refer an effect that produces semi-transparent objects in a stitched panorama image. In analog television broadcasting, ghosting is the effect of a replicated image offset and superimposed on top of the original, typically caused by receiving a distorted or multipath input signal.

On November 27th, 2013, Urban Dictionary [2] user Ghostface Illa submitted an entry for "ghosting," which defined the term as "a way to break up with someone by ending all contact." On March 24th, 2014, the dating blog The Date Report [6] published an article titled "And Then I Never Heard From Him Again: The Awful Rise of Ghosting," which speculated that the advents of online matchmaking services like Tinder and OKCupid may be responsible for the growing phenomenon of "ghosting" in casual relationships. On the next day, The Daily Dot [5] published an article titled "Are dating apps to blame for 'ghosting'?" On June 26th, 2015, The New York Times [3] published an article about breaking up with a romantic partner via ghosting. On July 2nd, The Daily Dot [4] published an article defending the practice of ghosting in certain circumstances. On July 22nd, The Independent [7] published an article titled "Ghosting: what to do if you've been a victim," describing how to deal with being ignored by a love interest.

2014 YouGov Poll

On October 28th, the market research firm YouGov [23] published a poll results regarding the ghosting behavior of 1000 United States adults, revealing that over 10% have used ghosting to end a relationship. Additionally, the poll results compared the ghosting habits of men and women, finding that roughly 24% of women admitted to have ghosted while 16% of men admitted to the practice (shown below).

FEMALE GHOSTING HABITS MALE GHOSTING HABITS 26.61% 24.17% 13.64% 16.67% Women who have been qhosted Men who have been qhosted Men who have ghosted Women who have ghosted 23.33% 25.83% 36.36% 33.33% Women who have not experienced ghosting in any capacity Women who have both ghosted and been ghosted Men who have not experienced ghosting in any capacity Men who have both ghosted and been qhosted

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Top comments, sciencekidsyd.

Aug 15, 2015 at 12:55AM EDT

I thought ghosting was when you're in a video game and a spectating dead player gives away your position

Official PSASD

Official PSASD

Aug 15, 2015 at 03:57AM EDT

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