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“ I'm a Wolf. Raised to be the Alpha. But trained to follow. Alas, the beast can't be tamed that easily. This wild territory is the perfect den for my kind. A free world where I can roam and explore with no end. But I came here on the hunt. Hidden among sheep focused on their superficial dreams. Moving up the food chain step by step, before I dominated them all. With one target always clearly in my sights. To secure the future with technology others developed, but were too fearful to deploy. By tooth and claw, I took this island, and by tooth and claw, I will rule it. The Wolf knows when a predator nears. Can a Ghost take on the lone Wolf? Maybe. Tracking, analyzing, stalking. Patiently. Tirelessly. But there is no place for the weak and the wounded here. We are Wolves. - Cole D. Walker ”
  • 1.1 Operation Greenstone
  • 1.2 Red Patriot
  • 1.3 Operation Motherland
  • 3 Equipment
  • 5 Personnel archetypes
  • 7 Desertion
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Origins [ ]

Operation greenstone [ ].

Angered at the apparent indifferent attitude by the military hierarchy over the deaths of his team in Bolivia , Walker grew increasingly frustrated at what he perceived was the increased politicization of the military. Expressing his frustration with several of his colleagues, many agreed with his view as discontent quietly brewed. Sometime in 2022, Walker was deployed to Afghanistan alongside fellow Ghosts Nomad and Josiah Hill , operating under the command of Vaughan . Throughout the tour, Walker grew irritated as Vaughan's incompetence that often hampered the unit's efforts to combat insurgents. His frustration eventually came to a head when Vaughan accidentally killed an Afghan villager following a scuffle. After attempting to kill Walker and plant evidence, an angered Walker executed him. Subsequently, Walker was court-martialed and medically discharged from the armed forces. Leaving the armed forces, Walker suffered a mental breakdown, believing that he had suffered an injustice, with his suspicions over the apparent politicization of the military now fully cemented. In response, Walker returned to his base and executed his commander. Rallying several Ghosts, both former and current who sympathized with him, Walker and his men went rogue, establishing the Wolves.

However, owing to its independent nature, the Wolves lacked the means to continue funding his campaign against the United States government. Encountering Trey Stone , the Wolves decided to align themselves with the Sentinel Corporation , serving as its elite special forces unit. By 2025, Sentinel was contracted by Skell Technology to provide security for its operation in Auroa shortly after the devastating attack by the Outcasts that led to the deaths of 30 employees and the complete destruction of a building. As Walker and Stone began realizing the potential drone technology that Skell Tech had developed, Stone and Walker quietly began massing Sentinel and Wolves forces into the island's abandoned military sites. As Outcast attacks escalated, Walker and Stone utilized the attacks as a pretext to initiate martial law.

Ousting Skell from his position as CEO, the Wolves and Sentinel forces mobilized rapidly, and within a week, took over most of the island. With most of Sentinel occupying Auroa, Walker deployed his Wolves to occupy the outlying islands. Amongst the islands occupied included Golem Island, where most of Skell Tech's advanced weapons technology was developed at. Seizing the island, the Wolves eliminated every single researcher stationed there, utilizing the factory to churn out deadly unmanned drones for future use.

Sometime after the takeover, Walker began carrying out his plans, killing a political candidate using a mini UCAV. The resulting outrage led to the US President authorizing Operation Greenstone , to investigate both the cause for the assassination and the sudden blackout that led to the USS Seay sinking.

Red Patriot [ ]

After the deaths of the original Wolf leader Cole D. Walker and his second in command Josiah Hill, Sentinel Corp CEO Trey Stone became the new leader of the Wolves, while Wolf lieutenant Anthony "Sphinx" Barkley Jr. became the new second in command. After Nomad killed the Bodark lieutenants and their leader, Pyotr Buhkarov , Nomad killed Stone and Sphinx when they tried to use the chemical weapon from Operation Kingmaker to kill every living thing in Auroa.

Operation Motherland [ ]

After the deaths of Wolf leader Cole D. Walker and Sentinel CEO Trey Stone, Sentinel and the Wolves were reduced to a small number of soldiers, but they were reinforced by Bodark soldiers led by Katya Maksimova . The remaining Sentinel and Wolf soldiers helped the Bodark soldiers frame Russia for stealing the remaining Skell tech drones, but after the defeat of Katya Maximova, It is unknown as of what happened to the remaining Bodark, Sentinel and Wolf soldiers. It is likely that they're either captured or killed by Outcast soldiers

While Walker is the main leader and founder of the Wolves, he has Josiah Hill as second-in-command and several lieutenants as Elite Wolves ( Rosebud , Silverback , Flycatcher , Harpy , Sphinx , Karel Sekulic and Yellowleg ) joining the fight. Each Wolf lieutenant has a unique, deadly skill set that will present a considerable challenge to even the toughest Ghost. All are ex-Ghosts with the exception of Silverback who was recruited by Walker on Stone's recommendation. Main ranks are based on the U.S. Army as originated.

Equipment [ ]

They are armed with different types of weaponry such as the TAR-21s , 805 Bren A2s , M-32 MGLs , MK14s , L115A3s , P320 , SIG SGs , Kel-Tec KSGs , RAT-4 rocket launchers , etc. In the cinematic trailers, they are armed with Brens and M-32s. While in trailers and in game, each archetype is armed with a specific type of weapon:

Riflemen are armed with TAR-21 assault rifles and Frag/Flashbang Grenades;

Breachers are armed with KSG shotguns and Flashbang Grenades;

Snipers are armed with L115A3 sniper rifles and P320 pistols;

Rocket gunners are armed with RAT-4 recoilless rifles and P320 pistols.

They utilized Skell Tech's military drones to aid their cause and they are Azraёl , Murmurs  and Aamons , named after different devils from around the world. The Azrael is designed to scan the world from the sky, so it can send a patrol of Wolves to a location if it spots any threats. The Murmurs are a search and destroy machines that can fly up to any position to take down a threat. The Aamons are bulky ground drones that can be heavily armed and armored.

The colors of the Wolves' uniforms and their masks are mostly green, black and different types of grey. In Project Titan, the Wolves on Golem Island (a volcanic island where Skell Tech was developing experimental drones with the assistance of a self-learning AI) are known as "Red Wolves", due to their masks' color are red, not black nor grey.

Members [ ]

  • Cole D. Walker - Lieutenant Colonel (Leader & Founder) - Unique Wolf Rifleman armed with his custom Sharp Thunder revolver and 4 ADS Drones. Also has a customized Silver Stake Tactical marksman rifle, but doesn't wield it in-game (only in cutscenes).
  • Josiah Hill - Sergeant Major (Second in Command) - Wolf Rifleman armed with a TAR-21 Assault rifle.
  • Lucile "Rosebud" Keller (Sniper) - Unique Wolf Sniper armed with a Zastava M93 Sniper rifle and a P320 handgun.
  • Hank "Flycatcher" Hua (Drone Engineer) - Unique Drone Operator armed with a TAR-21 Assault rifle and 2 customized WASP Drones. Also has a unique customized P90 , but is never seen wielding it.
  • Frank "Silverback" Wales (Counter-insurgency & Unconventional Warfare) - Unique Wolf Breacher armed with his customized KSG12 and Flashbang grenades.
  • Aisha "Yellowleg" Kubar (Military Assassinations & Direct Action Operations) - Wolf Rifleman armed with a TAR-21 Assault rifle, guarded by a helicopter.
  • Anthony "Sphinx" Barkley Jr (Assassinations; Became Second-In-Command after the deaths of Walker and Hill) - Wolf Rifleman armed with a TAR-21 Assault rifle.
  • Claro "Harpy" Gentile (Demolitions & Drone Technologist) - Wolf Rifleman armed with a TAR-21 Assault rifle.
  • Pike (Defected / Escaped) - Wolf Rifleman armed with a 516 Assault rifle.
  • Karel Sekulic (Wolf Commander; Defected) - Friendly Rifleman armed with a 553 Assault rifle.
  • Trey Stone (CEO of Sentinel ; Became the new Leader after Walker's death) - Unique Wolf Rifleman armed with a P320 handgun.

Personnel archetypes [ ]

Wolf Camps serve as mini bases for the Wolves. They are scattered around the islands of Auroa, guarded by varying degrees of Wolves alongside drones and Sentinel forces.

Desertion [ ]

However, there was one "breaking the rules" incident, causing Pike , a member of the Wolves, to desert and being hunted by his former comrades, until Nomad arrived to save him. Another member known as Karel Sekulic faked his death in order to desert due to being romantically involved with Stephanie Burgess that he was assigned to protect.

  • The Wolves' uniform, appearance, abilities, and masks bear similar appearance to the Hunters , Black Tusk and Rogue Division Agents from Tom Clancy's The Division, Mercs from the Splinter Cell series, and Bodark , Los Extranjeros and Phantoms of the Ghost Recon series. All use highly advanced technology and equipment in the field to gain an edge over their enemies, although missing the optical camo suit .
  • Some speculate that the Wolves are the predecessors of the Phantoms seen some 20 years following the events of Breakpoint.
  • If you listen to Sentinel Corp conversations, there is a chance that you'll hear them insulting the wolves by saying things like "Wolves my ass, the ghosts made them look like they were puppies." There's a possibility that they have tense relations due to the Wolves being unsuccessful in stopping almost all the ghosts, and failing their missions.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint We Are Wolves 4K Gameplay Trailer Ubisoft NA-0

Gallery [ ]

Wolves' outfit description

Wolves Gear [ ]


External links [ ]

  • Wolves Cosplay

Appearances [ ]

  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  • 2 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  • 3 Cole D. Walker

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[Premium Quality Tactical Equipment & Airsoft Gear Online]-ANVIL

“Wolves” Vertical Foregrip


“I’m a Wolf... Raised to be the alpha... Trained to follow... Alas the beast can’t be tamed that easily”

Cole D Walker (Wolves)


The Wolves vertical foregrip is a laser engraved foregrip in the style of the Wolves faction in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The wolves are known for being the toughest and deadliest opposing faction on the Aurora island, armed to the teeth and on a mission.

Aside from looking insanely cool this foregrip goes on to any standard picattiny rail and is extremely sturdy, aiding your aim stability so you can be a more efficient and dominant player on the battlefield. 

The foregrip provides you with all the pros without making your gun heavy. The foregrip is made of a strong and sturdy plastic that makes it light and metal bolts that make it strong. This is the perfect grip.


Material: Plastic & Metal

Fitting: Standard Picattiny rail

Shipping: Ready for dispatch from our U.K. base


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    Description Are you a hunter... Or the hunted? Anvil are proud to present the Wolves Airsoft mask. Designed to withstand hits up to 600 FPS, this mask is an incredibly awesome looking and functional mask that will make the opposing teams cower. The lightweight and very well ventilated design allows for breathability and maximum comfort.

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