5 Movies That Have Actual Real 'Ghosts' in Them

a haunted house movie ghost in bed scene

What's better than turning off the lights; lighting some candles; and watching a scary movie during Halloween? Not much. Except turning off the lights; lighting some candles; and watching a non -scary movie that has actual ghosts in it!

Over the years, there have been a few films that have featured some strange and unintentional "guests" in them -- or things that are just plain weird. Apparitions, voices, signs. They're creepy! And they're the perfect movies to watch during Halloween. Forget  The Shining , these flicks are the real deal.

Three Men and a Baby . The classic. But also, arguably, the most terrifying one of all. You know what I'm talking about, right? The scene where there's the supposed "ghost" of a boy who died in the background of a scene? Sure, there are probably plenty of explanations why this image appears, but it's super creepy nonetheless.

The Wizard of Oz. Another popular one. In one scene of The Wizard Oz , someone can be spotted swinging back and forth from a rope -- as in a noose -- in the background. The urban legend behind it is that it's a munchkin who committed suicide.

Aladdin . There's no ghost in this movie per se, but there's a seriously weird "message" that can be heard. If you listen closely, at one point in the film, you can hear the phrase "Good teenagers, take off your clothes" in the background. Scary? Eh, not so much. But definitely odd.

The Poltergeist Deaths. Perhaps it's a coincidence, but after the making of each Poltergeist film, supposedly a child member of the cast died. People have claimed that the untimely deaths have something to do with the films being "cursed."

The Ring . If you look in the background here, you can see a shadow moving around. Ghost or boom operator? You be the judge.

What other movies have "real" ghosts in them?

Image via Castleofspirits /YouTube

What Are Ceramides And Why Are They So Important For Skin Care?

a haunted house movie ghost in bed scene

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What are ceramides?

Ceramides are a type of fatty acid called lipids, which don’t dissolve in water. Ceramides are naturally found in skin cells and make up about 50% of the outer layer of skin. Ceramides are primarily used in skin care to minimize irritation and restore moisture.

How do ceramides support skin health?

Ceramides (specifically ceramides 1, 3, and 6-II) protect the skin by helping create a barrier to prevent permeability, sealing in moisture and keeping impurities out. Ceramides can help minimize irritation and dryness, locking in moisture to keep skin feeling soft and nourished. In adults, ceramides may have anti-aging benefits, since moisturization can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Why are ceramides so important for babies’ skin?

While ceramides are important for the skin health of people of all ages, they’re especially important for babies. In utero, babies’ skin is protected by the vernix caseosa, which is rich in ceramides. By their first bath, the vernix washes away, leaving babies’ skin susceptible to irritation and dryness. Reintroducing ceramides via skin care products is a great way to help maintain and restore the skin’s natural protective barrier. Babies have delicate skin that continues to develop for two to four years after birth, so it’s essential to keep their skin hydrated and protected. Daily use of skin care products that contain ceramides may help prevent future skin issues.

01 Elizabeth 507 EM4

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A Haunted House (2013)

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The 20 best haunted house films of all time, ranked

From The Innocents to Paranormal Activity, most of these haunted house movies will have viewers leaving all their lights on at bedtime.

Georges Méliès' Le Manoir du diable (1896) deserves much reverence for its impact on scary movies over the years, and even though the silent film is only a few minutes long, The House of the Devil marks the beginning of the horror genre. Released as The Haunted Castle in the United States, Méliès' motion picture is the precursor to all haunted house movies.

Films in the following century like The Cat and the Canary (1927), The Old Dark House (1932), and Rebecca (1940) certainly presented creepy, decrepit manors, but their walls were haunted by earthly threats. However, The Uninvited (1944) creates the supernatural template by which horror films like The Haunting in Connecticut (2009), Crimson Peak (2015), and Hereditary (2018) still follow today.

Now, enjoy EW's ranking of the 20 best haunted house movies of all time.

20. The Amityville Horror (1979)

Not even Fixer Upper 's Chip and Joanna Gaines can salvage your house when its walls start bleeding. George Lutz ( James Brolin ) and his wife, Kathy ( Margot Kidder ), get the deal of a lifetime when they buy a home in the quaint, seaside town of Amityville, N.Y. — but their new digs come with a sordid history and house full of haunting horrors.

The Amityville Horror , a somewhat underrated flick, is based on the real-life Lutz's unsubstantiated claim that the house was actually haunted. The Dutch Colonial-style home still stands in Amityville, but its address has been changed from 112 Ocean Ave. to 108 Ocean in order to throw off curious tourists.

Where to watch The Amityville Horror : Max

19. The Curse of the Cat People (1944)

Irena isn't Casper, but she certainly is a friendly ghost, and she still haunts her husband Oliver Reed (Kent Smith) and his new wife, Alice (Jane Randolph). However, Irena only allows Oliver and Alice's daughter, Amy (Ann Carter), to see her when the Reeds' lonely child wishes for a friend.

The film marks the first directing credit for Robert Wise (later of 1951's The Day the Earth Stood Still and 1965's The Sound of Music glory), since he was uncredited for directing additional sequences in The Magnificent Ambersons two years prior. While virtually every character — and performer — from 1942's Cat People returns, The Curse of the Cat People is, to this day, argued by most film historians as being a sequel in name only.

Where to watch The Curse of the Cat People : Amazon Prime Video (to rent)

18. Paranormal Activity (2007)

Do not wait around for the entity haunting your house to fully possess you or your partner. Don't do it! Filmmaker Oren Peli 's supernatural take finds a young couple ( Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat) haunted by an unseen force, as the audience watches the couple chronicle the ghost's movements via their home security cameras.

The movie cashed in on the found-footage phenomenon that 1999's The Blair Witch Project proved to be a potential gold mine. Paranormal Activity grossed more than $193 million worldwide, and it only cost $15,000 to produce. Steven Spielberg saw the original cut of the film prior to its release in which Katie dies, and convinced Peli to reshoot the more ominous ending where Featherston simply goes missing.

Where to watch Paranormal Activity : Amazon Prime Video (to rent)

17. Beetlejuice (1988)

Barbara ( Geena Davis ) and Adam ( Alec Baldwin ) Maitland might be dead, but they don't have any intention of sharing their home with its new residents, the Deetz family — parents Delia ( Catherine O'Hara ) and Charles (Jeffrey Jones) and their goth icon daughter, Lydia ( Winona Ryder ). When the Maitlands' attempts to frighten the Deetzes away fail miserably, Barbara and Adam turn to the mysterious and mischievous Beetlejuice ( Michael Keaton ) to rid them of the living.

Keaton's portrayal as the unscrupulous "ghost with the most" garnered him a Saturn Award nomination, even though he appears on screen for less than 15 minutes, and the actor acknowledges Beetlejuice as his favorite film from his own library of work.

Where to watch Beetlejuice : Max

16. The Others (2001)

While the living and dead coexist in Beetlejuice , The Others teaches horror fans a different life lesson: Sharing isn't always the answer. Grace ( Nicole Kidman ) and her two children, Anne (Alakina Mann) and Nicholas (James Bentley), live together in a Gothic country house in the aftermath of World War II, but it seems increasingly likely their Bailiwick of Jersey home is haunted.

The Others offers scary movie enthusiasts one of the genre's most memorable twists, and it's unlikely the filmmakers really wanted audiences to laugh at the very last shot of the film. It's hard not to chuckle, though, and the comedic moment certainly lends itself to the storytelling. The Others also marked the final time Kidman worked with her then-husband, Tom Cruise (executive producer), prior to their divorce.

15. House on Haunted Hill (1959)

Eccentric millionaire Fredrick Loren (Vincent Price) is throwing a party, and he promises each of his guests $10,000. The catch: They have to spend the night in a haunted house and survive until morning. Filmmaker William Castle couldn't afford to pay Price the salary the actor had become accustomed to, so he offered him a percentage of the profits to land the horror movie maestro as a cast member.

House on Haunted Hill also features one of Castle's vaunted gimmicks: Emergo . When the skeleton terrorizes Mrs. Loren (Carol Ohmart) on screen, a plastic skeleton would swoop over the heads of audiences all across the country. Ever the showman, Castle wanted to give moviegoers something even better and more exciting than 3-D could ever deliver decades later.

Where to watch House on Haunted Hill: Amazon Prime Video

14. Scrooge (1951)

While there have been many fine adaptations of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol , Alastair Sim's performance as the miserly, penny-pinching Ebenezer Scrooge elevates this version to must-see status. With Christmas soon approaching, Ebenezer's old friend, Jacob Marley (Michael Hordern), returns from the grave to offer Scrooge a chance at redemption through the haunting of three spirits.

Invariably and inexplicably, A Christmas Carol is absent from many best-of haunted house lists, but Dickens' tale is the preeminent example of this type of supernatural story. Now, despite the positive critical and fan response to this 1951 version, there is a famous bit of dialogue omitted from this particular film: "If I could work my will, every idiot who goes about with 'Merry Christmas' on his lips should be boiled in his own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through his heart."

Where to watch Scrooge : Plex

13. Poltergeist (1982)

The real estate market is always a monster, but the Freeling family lucks out and gets a good deal on a nice house. There's just one little catch: The home was built on a Native American burial ground. And those spirits are not happy about the new tenants. Poltergeist pairs two Hollywood heavyweights, with Steven Spielberg behind the story and Tobe Hooper in the director's chair — and the result is pure movie magic.

The infamous TV scene , with Carol Anne (Heather O'Rourke), is well-known, but it's nothing compared to what happens to the television in the last shot of the movie. No spoilers here, but viewers are bound to roll with laughter. Drew Barrymore auditioned for Spielberg for the role of Carol Anne, but, despite not landing the part, it was her Poltergeist tryout that led to her being cast in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982).

Where to watch Poltergeist : Max

12. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

Filmmaker Kim Jee-woon 's heartbreaking horror film gives audiences valid reasons to avoid adultery. Su-mi (Im Soo-jung) returns home from a mental facility after her mother dies, but there's a strange family dynamic between her father and stepmother, Eun-joo (Yum Jung-ah). Su-mi is also very protective of her younger sister, Su-yeon (Moon Geun-young).

The film's twist is one of those watercooler moments that rivals any horror movie ending. Without spoiling the climax, A Tale of Two Sisters uses the haunted house motif almost as a window dressing to obscure the psychological aspects at play in this immensely enthralling, supernatural flick.

Where to watch A Tale of Two Sisters : Kanopy

11. The Conjuring (2013)

Lorraine Warren ( Vera Farmiga ) and her husband, Ed ( Patrick Wilson ), are paranormal investigators hellbent on helping the Perron family as they're haunted in their own farmhouse. The Warrens were real people who dedicated their lives to exploring the paranormal (or as some see it, duping the vulnerable), and they also investigated the real-life mystery of the Amityville house purchased by George and Kathy Lutz.

The Perrons, too, were not just characters, and The Conjuring is based on what happened to them in their Rhode Island home. The Perrons often visited the set while the film was being shot, and Farmiga and Wilson met with the Warrens to further their understanding of the characters they were portraying.

Where to watch The Conjuring: Max

10. The Orphanage (2007)

Thomas Wolfe wrote You Can't Go Home Again , but Laura (Belén Rueda) doesn't heed the novelist's advice. Rather, Laura takes her family back to the closed orphanage she was adopted from with the hopes of reopening it to help children with disabilities. But things take a bizarre turn when her son, Simón (Roger Príncep), goes missing.

The Orphanage , which also features a cameo from producer Guillermo del Toro as the doctor attending to Laura in the emergency room, received a standing ovation when it premiered at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival . Filmmaker J. A. Bayona found inspiration for The Orphanage from watching 1961's The Innocents and 1977's Close Encounters of the Third Kind .

Where to watch The Oprhanage : Amazon Prime Video (to rent)

9. We Are Still Here (2015)

One hundred and twenty years of haunting and horror isn't going to stop Anne Sacchetti ( Barbara Crampton ) and her husband, Paul (Andrew Sensenig), from buying a rural home, but perhaps they're blinded by the death of their son, Bobby. It isn't long before the couple realizes the house is alive — and it is hungry for a blood sacrifice.

We Are Still Here is loaded with homages to other horror films, and one of the most obvious is the appearance of the home's original residents, the Dagmars. They look like the vengeful ghosts in John Carpenter 's The Fog (1980), and the stair scene is a clear nod to Nancy ( Heather Langenkamp ) trudging up the staircase in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984).

Where to watch We Are Still Here : Amazon Prime Video

8. The Haunting (1963)

Very few horror films evoke a creepier vibe than 1963's The Haunting , even with its black-and-white cinematography. Dr. John Markway (Richard Johnson) assembles a team to investigate the paranormal activity of the Hill House in Massachusetts — but escaping the haunt unscathed may prove futile.

The film is based on the 1959 novel The Haunting of Hill House by author Shirley Jackson. Director Robert Wise was coming off his immense success with West Side Story (1961), which he codirected with Jerome Robbins , while another west-sider joined him for the Hill House horror: Actor Russ Tamblyn , who portrayed Riff in West Side Story , tackles the role of Luke Sanderson.

Where to watch The Haunting : Max

7. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)

Lucy Muir (Gene Tierney) starts her life anew when she buys a cottage in a quaint, seaside village, but her house is purported to be haunted by a seaman, Capt. Daniel Gregg (Rex Harrison). The Ghost and Mrs. Muir is by far the most romantic of the haunted house films, and its storytelling — rather than fright and fear — makes it one of the top supernatural tales of all time.

Natalie Wood portrays Lucy's daughter, Anna, when she's a child, and the actress shot to stardom later that same year by appearing in Miracle on 34th Street . The screenplay for The Ghost and Mrs. Muir was also adapted by Amanda Duff, and she claimed Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn were originally courted to play the lead roles.

Where to watch The Ghost and Mrs. Muir : Amazon Prime Video (to rent)

6. Lake Mungo (2008)

Alice Palmer's (Talia Zucker) drowning isn't the end of her tragedy when it comes to her family trying to cope with their loss and move on. Instead of closure, the Palmers are plagued by unexplained sightings of Alice, and, later, an even more mysterious, bloated-faced doppelgänger emerges.

Lake Mungo is chilling from start to finish, employing a mockumentary and found-footage style of filmmaking to exude an atmosphere of realism and tension that is supremely frightening to the senses. The fun of Lake Mungo , without spoiling the film's well-executed jump scare, is its use of modern technology to frighten audiences when they least expect it.

Where to watch Lake Mungo : AMC+

5. Hausu (1977)

Gorgeous (Kimiko Ikegami) and her friends find themselves facing off against a haunted house that murders its victims like a serial killer straight out of a slasher film. The same studio that produced the Godzilla franchise, Toho, masterminds one of the most horrifying and disturbingly humorous psychedelic films to date.

Hausu's over-the-top subject matter isn't for everyone, but horror fans — particularly of Evil Dead II (1987) and Army of Darkness (1992) — will find the movie resonating with them. The success of Jaws (1975) inspired Toho to make Hausu , and none of the lead actresses were trained thespians. Rather, the seven women were all models.

Where to watch Hausu : Max

4. The Evil Dead (1981)

Before becoming the "this is my boomstick" housewares expert of S-Mart, Ash Williams ( Bruce Campbell ) makes the unfortunate mistake of spending his vacation in a haunted house with some friends. There, they find the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis in the cabin, also known as the Book of the Dead, and all hell breaks loose into two sequels (1987, 1992), two remakes (2013, 2023), and a TV series Ash vs Evil Dead .

If you don't know what the "tree scene" is, you'll never get that imagery out of your head after watching The Evil Dead for the first time. It's one of the most appalling and unforgettable scenes to appear in any horror film, ever. The Evil Dead was the feature film debut for both Campbell and his best friend since high school, director Sam Raimi .

Where to watch The Evil Dead : Amazon Prime Video (to rent)

3. The Uninvited (1944)

Rick (Ray Milland) and his sister Pamela (Ruth Hussey) make the spur-of-the-moment decision to buy a lovely seaside home, and, as a result, Rick meets and becomes quite taken with young Stella (Gail Russell). The Uninvited is one of the first full-length haunted house movies, making it a cornerstone model moving forward for all other films to follow.

While Martin Scorsese called it one of the scariest movies of all time , The Uninvited kindles a wonderful romance between Rick and Stella. In fact, the serenade Rick writes and plays for his love, "Stella by Starlight," was composed specifically for the movie. However, it became a sensation when lyrics were later added, and it was even performed by Frank Sinatra .

2. The Innocents (1961)

Miss Giddens ( Deborah Kerr ) is hired to be a governess for Flora (Pamela Franklin) and her older brother, Miles (Martin Stephens), once he returns from boarding school. While Giddens takes an almost instant liking to Flora, she soon fears the children's secretive bond when Miles returns. And things grow even more disconcerting when Giddens begins seeing things and hearing voices.

The film is based on Henry James' 1898 horror novella, The Turn of the Screw , and both Truman Capote and William Archibald won the Edgar Allan Poe award for their screenplay. Jack Clayton directed and produced The Innocents , and he later went on to direct Hollywood icon Robert Redford in The Great Gatsby in 1974.

1. The Changeling (1980)

It's hard to have your car break down on the side of the road and not think about The Changeling . John Russell ( George C. Scott ) watches helplessly as his wife and daughter are cut down by a tow truck in the snow. Russell moves on and buys a house once owned by the family of Senator Carmichael (Melvyn Douglas), but he soon realizes he's not as alone there as he previously felt.

The character of John Russell is a music composer, but Scott wasn't musically inclined. Even so, the actor practiced the piano pieces Russell plays so that he could actually tickle the ivories on screen. Also, the actress who portrays historical society agent Claire (Trish Van Devere) was Scott's wife in real life, and they made five feature films while they were married, as well as a made-for-TV movie and a play.

Where to watch The Changeling : Peacock

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Screen Rant

10 forgotten (but terrifying) haunted house horror movies from the '80s.

The 80s gave movie fans an entire decade of memorable horror films, but some of the best and most terrifying haunted house films have been forgotten!

Horror movie historians and fans look at the '80s as the decade of the slasher, a subgenre wherein a crazed madperson goes after an unassuming group of coeds. Not all horror films from the '80s were slashers, but many of them were influenced by the slasher aesthetic: gory death scenes, the lone (usually female) survivor, and insane practical effects.

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When it comes to haunted house movies from the decade, a clear connection exists between the creepy ghosts who torment and the slashers who chase after their victims. Beyond the well-known '80s haunted house flicks like  Poltergeist and  The Changeling  exist quite a few other contributions to this vital subgenre.

Ghost Story (1981)

John Irvin's supernatural film is based on the Peter Straub novel of the same name.  Ghost Story focuses on four New England men who share a terrible 50-year-old secret that continues to haunt them and their descendants.

When the son of one of the men dies in a freak accident, an evolving series of strange accidents both in and around their homes leads them to believe they are being targeted by a spirit – one whose death they are responsible for. Fred Astaire and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. are among the cast of this creepy flick.

The Entity (1983)

The Entity takes home invasions into otherworldly territory . In this slasher-esque ghost story, Barbara Hershey plays a single mother who is repeatedly attacked by an invisible entity that has taken control of her home.

Based on the story of a woman who alleged she was assaulted by a ghost multiple times, the film follows Hershey's character as she struggles to find a paranormal psychologist who believes her. As the violent, demonic phantom keeps up its antics, the woman finally finds a doctor willing to help her.

House (1986)

Steve Miner's comedic horror feature stars William Katt as Roger Cobb, a writer who moves into a new home after separating from his wife. Cobb, a horror writer, decides to dedicate his next book to his experiences during the Vietnam War in hopes of working through his trauma.

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Cobb's writing sessions are interrupted by phantasms, moving objects, and terrible nightmares about his time overseas. Eventually, ghouls and monsters appear from the deep recesses of the house, intent upon destroying the war-weary writer.

The House Where Evil Dwells (1982)

Despite being low-budget and kitschy,  The House Where Evil Dwells remains a testament to the bizarre intersection between haunted house tale and campy '80s exploitation film replete with tons of sex. Kevin Connor's film centers around an American family that takes an extended vacation  in Japan, residing in a home occupied by ghosts.

The spirit of a 19th-century samurai named Shigeto makes the adjustment difficult for the Fletchers, who just want to relax and see the sights. Instead, the warrior intends on making the Americans reenact a brutal incident that occurred in the house decades before.

The Mysterious Castle In The Carpathians (1981)

This singular Czechoslovak movie is a steampunk fantasy romp whose events transpire in a creepy castle deep within the Carpathian Mountains. Set in 1897, the film follows Professor Orfanik, a mad inventor who keeps visitors away by stirring up all sorts of supernatural events in his domicile.

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Orfanik even preserves the body of his favorite opera singer in his castle's crypt. When he isn't dabbling with the spirit world, Orfanik and his assistant develop all kinds of technological masterpieces, including televisions and radios.

Superstition (1982)

When it was released,  Superstition was deemed a second-rate  Poltergeist or  Amityville Horror by critics. Considered a "video nasty," the graphic violence depicted in the James W. Robinson film kept it from being released until 1985.

The movie's events revolve around an abandoned house occupied by the hungry spirit of a witch who was murdered during an inquisition in 1692. In the present, a local detective and a parishioner join forces to defeat the powerful sorceress as bodies pile up around her.

The Woman In Black (1989)

The Woman in Black is a gothic, moody British made-for-TV movie set in 1925 England. A solicitor named Arthur Kidd arrives in the seaside town of Crythin Gifford, tasked with managing the estate of an old, friendless widow.

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Townsfolk are put off by Kidd's inquiries about the woman, Alice Drablow, who does not have a good reputation around town. As Kidd starts seeing a female figure donning black clothes everywhere he goes, eerie events and hauntings at the estate lead the young man to believe Drablow's unsettled spirit remains on the earthly plane.

Pulse (1988)

Instead of a ghost, the force haunting houses in  Pulse is an intelligent burst of electricity. This paranormal voltage sets its sight on the domicile of a remarried man and his son in a Los Angeles residential neighborhood.

The goal of the title sentient entity is to destroy every home by taking control of its power grid and pulling the plug.  Pulse 's premise may be a bit ridiculous, but it's '80s vibes, satirical suburban malaise , familiar faces, and possessed appliances make for an interesting watch.

Sweet Home (1989)

Released in conjunction with a video game of the same name,  Sweet Home is a Japanese haunted house treat. In the movie, a documentary film crew visits the house of a beloved Japanese painter whose works they hope to preserve and highlight.

As they scan the corridors of the painter's old mansion, the filmmakers realize they are not alone. The spirit of the painter's wife makes herself known to the crew, who possesses and haunts them for a very specific and compelling reason: she needs their help.

The House By The Cemetery (1981)

The House by the Cemetery is the work of Italian horror master Lucio Fulci, considered the king of gore. Fulci pushes body horror and gross-out sequences to their limits with this film about a family who moves into an old mansion inhabited by tormented spirits.

As it goes in haunted house movies, the family's new digs are the sight of decades of terror perpetrated by a deranged doctor named Dr. Freudstein. The Victorian surgeon isn't done with his illegal experiments, even if he's technically in the grave.

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The Scariest Scene In 25 Major Horror Movies

Ready for a Scream? We Uncover the Most Spine-Chilling Moments in Horror History!

Kathy Bates in Misery

SPOILER WARNING: We are going to discuss major spoilers for all the movies mentioned in the list.

As horror fans, we willingly immerse ourselves in heart-pounding suspense, bone-chilling terror, and the adrenaline rush of a good scare. Whether it's a sinister entity haunting a home or a deranged serial killer lurking in the shadows, some of the best horror movies have gifted us with unforgettable moments of cinema that continue to plague our nightmares. I explore the scariest scenes in 25 major horror movies in this feature. So, fellow horror enthusiasts, let's dive into the most terrifying motion picture moments.

Psycho (1960) - The Shower

Let's kick off this list with Alfred Hitchcock's genre-redefining classic from 1960, Psycho . The film follows Marion Crane, who finds herself at the Bates Motel , run by the enigmatic Norman Bates. In one of the most iconic moments in cinema, a routine shower turns into a shocking and suspenseful encounter as Marion is attacked by Norman, dressed like his mother and wielding a knife. The rapid cuts and Bernard Herrmann's intense string score make this scene a masterclass in suspense, leaving an indelible mark on horror history.

Paranormal Activity (2007) - The Demon Drags Katie

In 2007, Paranormal Activity emerged as a groundbreaking found-footage horror film, captivating audiences with its minimalist approach to terror. The scariest scene occurs when the malevolent demon entity drags a still-sleeping Katie out of bed, down the dimly lit hallway, into the abyss of the unknown. This scene alone solidifies Paranormal Activity as one of the best movies about demonic possession . 

Signs (2002) - The Fingers Under the Door

In one of M. Night Shyamalan's best films , Signs , an alien invasion becomes a gripping and unsettling experience for the former priest, Graham Hess, and his family, who find themselves trapped in their home. When the family takes refuge in their basement, a terrified Merrill, played by Joaquin Phoenix , investigates strange noises outside the door, only to encounter a pair of ghastly alien fingers emerging from under the door, instilling a visceral sense of dread. The fear of the unknown and the eerie sound design in this scene create a visceral sense of dread, proving that sometimes, what we don't see can be the most terrifying thing of all.

The Others (1999) - The Confirmation Dress

Set in post-World War II England, The Others is an eerie ghost story centered around Grace Stewart ( Nicole Kidman ) and her two children with a rare photosensitivity condition. The tension builds as strange occurrences unfold in their isolated mansion. A haunting moment comes when Grace confronts her daughter, Ann, playing on the floor in a confirmation dress, only to discover a ghostly older woman speaking in her daughter's voice. When the creepy woman says: “Are you mad? I am your daughter.” scored with an eerie soundtrack and dizzying camerawork, it is a moment in a PG-13 movie that is legitimately terrifying and is bound to send shivers down your spine.

Poltergeist (1982) - The Clown Under the Bed

Poltergeist is a classic '80s horror film and easily one of the best haunted house movies ever. The movie focuses on evil spirits hellbent on pulling a young girl into their ghostly world, infiltrating the home of a terrified family. Amidst the chaotic frightening experiences, one truly unforgettable moment emerges when a once seemingly harmless clown doll ropes an arm around young Robbie’s neck and pulls him under his bed.

The Shining (1980) - Room 237

Stanley Kubrick 's adaptation of Stephen King 's novel is a psychological horror masterpiece, filled with an eerie atmosphere and unforgettable imagery. Though it’s divisive amongst some longtime King readers due to its big differences from the written story , the movie is superior to the book in some ways. The film follows the Torrance family at the isolated Overlook Hotel, where Jack's sanity unravels due to the hotel's sinister past. The most unsettling and nightmarish sequence happens when Jack explores Room 237, encountering a beautiful young woman in the bathtub who undergoes a terrifying transformation into a rotting older woman. The terrifying score adds to the sheer terror, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

Barbarian (2022) - Keith’s Death in the Tunnels

In 2022's Barbarian , a young woman books a rental home already occupied by a stranger and decides to spend the night despite her reservations. However, she soon discovers there's more to fear than just an unexpected house guest. The most shocking moment involves Keith, portrayed by Bill Skarsgård, meeting a violent end at the hands of the basement-dwelling Mother. Skarsgård's previous role as Pennywise adds intrigue, but his true intentions are brutally revealed as he is murdered in front of our modern-day final girl, Tess , with his head bashed into the basement wall.

The Sixth Sense (1999) - The Ghosts in the Hallway and Bathroom

In M. Night Shyamalan 's The Sixth Sense , young boy Cole, who can communicate with the dead, seeks help from child psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crowe. One night, as Cole uses the restroom, he senses the presence of restless spirits and the temperature drops. Confronting eerie unease in the hallway, he faces a horrifying sight in his tent. This suspenseful scene is masterfully crafted and leaves no questions about why the movie was one of the few horror movies nominated for Best Picture .

Hereditary (2018) - The Cake Allergic Reaction

Ari Aster 's Hereditary is a modern masterpiece delving into family and grief's psychological horrors. After the family matriarch's death, the Graham family experiences terrifying and unexplained events. The scariest scene occurs when Charlie, the youngest daughter, unknowingly ingests nuts to which she is fatally allergic. Charlie's reaction's slow and agonizing progression is excruciating, culminating in her shocking fate. A light pole decapitates her as her brother races to get her to help. This scene's emotional and unflinching intensity is a testament to the film's ability to create terror through familial trauma and visceral horror. Hereditary is also notable for, like The Sixth Sense , featuring one of the most potent Toni Collette performances . 

Misery (1990) - Annie Hobbles Paul

Another Stephen King adaptation, Misery follows Paul Sheldon, a famous author held captive by his deranged number-one fan, Annie Wilkes, exploring obsession, manipulation, and sadism. The most gruesome scene occurs when Annie discovers Paul killed off her beloved literary character, Misery Chastain. In a rage, she brutally hobbles Paul to prevent his escape, showcasing the horrors of obsession and the destructive power of fanaticism, magnified by Kathy Bates' Oscar-winning performance .

Scream (1996) - Opening Scene/Casey Becker’s Death

Wes Craven's Scream cleverly revitalized the slasher genre in the 1990s, blending self-awareness with classic horror tropes. The opening 13 minutes, featuring Drew Barrymore’s Casey Becker on the receiving end of a deadly prank phone call ( despite some fan theories ), is a masterclass in horror filmmaking. It was also where the now iconic line "What's your favorite scary movie?" was first uttered. 

The Silence Of The Lambs (1991) - Night Vision

Jonathan Demme's The Silence of the Lambs is a psychological thriller classic introducing the infamous cannibalistic psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter. FBI trainee Clarice Starling seeks Lecter's help to catch serial killer Buffalo Bill. The most intense scene occurs during the heart-pounding climax in Buffalo Bill's pitch-black basement, where he stalks his latest victim, Catherine Martin, using night vision goggles, creating a nightmarish sequence that effectively builds tension and fear, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer's psyche.

The Thing (1982) - The Chest Chomp

John Carpenter's The Thing , initially a flop , is now a cult classic sci-fi horror where researchers in Antarctica encounter a shape-shifting alien organism. In a skin-crawling scene, Dr. Copper's forearms get trapped as he attempts to use a defibrillator on Norris, showcasing Rob Bottin's practical effects mastery in this body horror masterpiece.

The Exorcist (1973) - The Crucifix Stabbing

William Friedkin's The Exorcist is an iconic horror film that introduces the terrors of demonic possession, following young girl Regan MacNeil's struggles with a malevolent entity. The most intense scene unfolds during the exorcism ritual, as Regan utters disturbing and blasphemous statements before violently stabbing herself with a crucifix, shocking audiences with its horrifying act of self-harm and graphic imagery, solidifying the film's status as a benchmark for horror and its ability to elicit genuine fear, and is why it's one of the best 1970s horror movies . 

The Exorcist III (1990) - The Hallway/Scissors 

The Exorcist III may be an underrated sequel , but it delivers spine-chilling moments as Lieutenant William F. Kinderman investigates murders resembling a past case. The scariest scene occurs in a hospital hallway during a quiet night shift; the sole nurse hears a strange noise in one of the rooms and investigates. Startled by a sleeping doctor, as she catches her breath, she encounters a figure dressed as a white nun wielding giant shears in the adjacent room. It’s one of the most effective jump scares ever filmed. 

Child's Play (1988) - Batteries Not Included

Child's Play is one of the best scary doll movies , introducing the iconic killer Chucky on a quest to possess young Andy's body. When Andy's Mother, suspecting her son is telling the truth about his homicidal plaything, confronts the “Good Guy” and discovers he has no batteries. The doll's true nature is revealed as he terrifyingly attacks Karen. The film's ability to instill fear into an innocent children's toy solidifies Chucky as one of cinematic history's most memorable horror villains.

Frailty (2001) - Destroy Him

Bill Paxton's directorial debut, Frailty , is a shocking psychological drama and great one-off horror movie that explores a father's belief in a divine mission to destroy demons disguised as humans, delving into themes of faith and fanaticism. The most intense scene occurs when the father orders his son Fenton to kill a man, but Fenton swings the axe in the opposite direction, embedding it in his father. This blood-curdling moment is a testament to the film's exploration of morality and the depths of human darkness, making it an underrated gem in the horror genre.

Audition (1999) - Asami's Torturing Nature

Takashi Miike's Audition is a Japanese horror film delving into obsession and sadism. The story follows a widower who sets up an elaborate lie to find a new partner. During the film's climax, the woman the widower finds, Asami, shows her true sadistic nature as she traps Aoyama in a nightmarish and torturous ordeal. The slow and deliberate pacing creates an excruciating and visceral experience, leaving the viewer disturbed and haunted by the horrifying events.

Bone Tomahawk (2015) - Deputy Nick’s Demise

Bone Tomahawk is a visceral blend of horror and Western genres, following a group on a rescue mission to save captives from cannibalistic troglodytes. The most disturbing scene occurs during the group's encounter with the savage tribe, as Deputy Nick suffers an unimaginable fate, brutally scalped and ripped in half before being devoured. This scene's graphic and unflinching violence reflects the film's relentless and ruthless approach to horror.

The Blair Witch Project (1999) - The Corner

When released in 1999, The Blair Witch Project revolutionized the found-footage genre . Near the flick's climax, the surviving filmmaker discovers an unsettling figure, who looks a lot like their friend, standing in the corner of an abandoned house in the woods. The eerie and inexplicable sight effectively capitalizes on the fear of the unknown and isolation, solidifying the film's place as a groundbreaking and unforgettable entry in horror movie history.

The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014) - Child Eating

The Taking of Deborah Logan, a found-footage horror film, delves into dementia and possession. The most horrific scene unfolds when unknowingly possessed, Deborah kidnaps a child and transforms into a horrifying entity with an unhinged snake-like jaw, attempting to devour the child. This unexpected and contextually fitting moment delivers one of the best jump scares in any horror movie, evoking both fear and surprise in the audience.

It  (2017) - The Losers Visit The House on Neibolt Street

One of the best creepy clown movies is 2017’s It , based on Stephen King's novel of the same name. The movie follows children in Derry confronting an ancient evil personified as Pennywise the Clown. During the Losers Club's journey to the gothic and rundown house on Neibolt Street, Pennywise uses illusions to manipulate Richie, Bill, and Eddie, resulting in Eddie breaking his arm. The relentless pursuit in the bowels of the abandoned home will make any horror lover squirm. 

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986) - The Home Videos

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer is a disturbing and unflinching exploration of the mind of a serial killer. The film, supposedly based on a true story , follows Henry, a remorseless and sadistic murderer, as he goes about his brutal and senseless killings. The most disturbing scene occurs when Henry and his partner, Otis, watch home videos of their past crimes, showcasing their unnerving lack of remorse and depravity. The film is a harrowing and relentless portrayal of human evil.

Skinamarink (2023) - The Face Without a Mouth

In 2023, Skinamarink became a game-changing, untraditional horror movie , gaining popularity on TikTok . The story follows Kevin and Kayle, two children who wake up to find their father missing and their home's windows and doors vanished. The freakiest scene is when Kevin approaches his sister, revealing her face transformed into a skin-covered void, evoking primal fears of the uncanny and the unknown.

Sinister (2012) - The Lawnmower Home Video Footage

Sinister is a 2012 supernatural horror film following true-crime writer Ellison Oswalt as he uncovers disturbing footage of a series of murders. The scariest scene occurs when Ellison, played by Ethan Hawke in one of his best roles , watches a horrifying Super 8 home video of a family's brutal demise with a lawnmower, combining shocking imagery and a hair-raising score for an unnerving and nightmarish experience. The film expertly blends found-footage elements with traditional horror storytelling, creating an atmospheric and unsettling cinematic journey.

As our journey through the scariest scenes in 25 major horror movies concludes, we're reminded of fear's enduring power in cinema. Each moment has left an indelible mark on the genre, resonating with horror fans worldwide. Who knows, maybe some of the many upcoming horror movies set for the 2024 movie release schedule could find themselves on this list one day. 


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Ryan graduated from Missouri State University with a BA in English/Creative Writing. An expert in all things horror, Ryan enjoys covering a wide variety of topics. He's also a lifelong comic book fan and an avid watcher of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon. 

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a haunted house movie ghost in bed scene

‘We Have a Ghost’ Review: Netflix’s Family-Friendly Haunted-House Movie Is a Fixer Upper

Despite strong performances from David Harbour and Jennifer Coolidge, this horror comedy feels like a misfire.

By Michael Nordine

Michael Nordine

  • ‘Total Trust’ Review: Jialing Zhang’s Documentary on China’s Surveillance Program Is an Eye-Opening Warning 4 weeks ago
  • ‘Alhamour H.A.’ Review: Saudi Arabia’s Oscar Submission Is a Wannabe ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ 1 month ago
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We Have A Ghost

You know the setup by now: A family moves into a run-down, surprisingly affordable old house whose history the real-estate agent is loath to reveal. Though skeptical, mom and dad (Erica Ash and Anthony Mackie) can’t pass on such a deal. It isn’t long before they realize they aren’t alone in their new abode, of course. David Harbour , fresh off December’s “Violent Night” and in between seasons of “Stranger Things,” plays the spirit in question. Appearing in the attic as teenager Kevin (Jahi Winston) explores his new house, the ghost’s futile attempt at scaring his latest housemate results in uncontrolled laughter — understandable, given not only his combover and bowling shirt but how little conviction he puts into his tortured wailing.

Kevin, who’s withdrawn from his family in the same manner as so many angst-ridden teens before him, eventually stops laughing. Rather than ridicule the entity further or even question whether what he’s seeing is real, he instead tries to understand his plight. He quickly learns that Ernest (as the stitching on his shirt reveals his name to be) can touch others but not be touched. His halfhearted attempt at frightening Kevin seems to have been a defense mechanism, as he’d rather be left on his lonesome. Because he can’t speak and has no memories of his corporeal existence, Ernest is a bit like a stray animal who can only be approached with the utmost caution and on his own terms.

Only Kevin’s mother reacts as you’d expect the average person to: not only with fear when she sees Ernest, but anger upon learning that her family has concealed him from her. (“We are not gonna be like every stupid white family in every horror film. We are leaving!” she yells.) Ernest quickly goes viral, inspiring all manner of TikToks and even a Dr. Phil segment; it’s the latter that finally draws the attention of both a supernatural expert working with the CIA (Tig Notaro) and a TV medium who may or may not be a charlatan (Jennifer Coolidge). It will surprise few in this post-“White Lotus” world to learn that Coolidge steals her scenes and makes you wish there were more of them: It feels like stunt casting, sure, but at least it works. Harbour likewise makes the most of his character’s limitations, with pain etched on every line in his face.

The longer it goes on, however, the more difficult it becomes to discern what “We Have a Ghost” is even going for. On a tonal level, it’s more akin to a feature-length episode of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” than any horror-comedy in recent memory, its 127-minute runtime stretching like so much ectoplasm as Kevin tries to help solve the mystery of Ernest’s life and death. Rarely ha-ha funny and never scary, it’s ultimately more sentimental than anything else — a clunky approach that undermines its strong performances.

“We Have a Ghost” is based on “Ernest,” a short story by Geoff Manaugh first published in 2017 by Vice. Reading it offers a sense of what a better, more ethereal version of this movie might be like had it toned things down and not attempted to go so broad with its comedy. The result feels less like a ghost story than a movie haunted by the specter of what it could have been.

Reviewed on Netflix, Feb. 22, 2023. MPA Rating: PG-13. Running time: 127 MIN.

  • Production: A Netflix release and presentation of a Temple Hill, Halsted Pictures production. Producers: Marty Bowen, Dan Halsted. Executive producers: Christopher Landon, Korey Budd, Geoff Manaugh.
  • Crew: Director, writer: Christopher Landon. Camera: Marc Spicer. Editor: Ben Baudhuin. Music: Bear McCreary.
  • With: David Harbour, Jahi Winston, Tig Notaro, Erica Ash, Jennifer Coolidge, Anthony Mackie, Faith Ford, Niles Fitch, Isabella Russo, Steve Coulter.

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11 Scariest Bedroom Scenes in Horror Movie History

by Lallen | Jan 24, 2020

For filmmakers, the bedroom takes on a very different form. It’s transformed into a place where we are caught off guard by some unseen thing. Sometimes there are things under it, like the grasping hands that grab from under the bed in the 1987 film The Gate . Sometimes there are things outside the window looking in, such as the tree from Poltergeist of the ghost man in Insidious . Often, the bedroom is the setting for a horrible event, such as the terrible demonic rape of Rosemary’s Baby or Lucy’s death at the hands of Bram Stokers Dracula . These are events are all shocking, terrifying and disturbing, but made worse because of its location.

You can hide under the sheets, you can close your eyes, but it seems that horror will strike even in the safety of your bedroom. So, get yourself comfy, turn down the lights, as we look at 11 Scariest Bedroom Scenes in Horror Movie History.

Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – Glen’s on Liquids

11 Scariest Bedroom Scenes in Horror Movie History - 11 Scariest Bedroom Scenes in Horror Movie History - Horror Land

Wes Craven not only gave us one of the most terrifying film villains of all time, but also the bloodiest bedroom scene, as Freddy Kruger turns one of his sleepy victims into a human smoothie in the original Nightmare on elm Street .

When Glen Lantz ( Johnny Depp ) fails to heed the warnings about falling asleep, he misses out on watching Miss Nude America. Oh, and he’s also brutally murder by Kruger, who pulls Glen down into his bed and his bloody remains are sprayed out all over the celling, floor, wardrobe and just about anything else within 5 feet of the bed. It’s one of the most bloody Kruger kills in the entire film franchise and we only got to see the aftermath of it! One thing is for sure, it’s going to take some really hardcore cleaning to get Glen out of the carpet.

Halloween (1978) – Hitting the Right Cords

Halloween (1978) - 11 Scariest Bedroom Scenes in Horror Movie History - Horror Land

The original Halloween gave us one of the most iconic bedroom kills, as Michael Myers phones in his next victim with some hilarious side-effects.

Disguising his true nature, shy Michael embraces the Halloween celebrations by donning a sheet with eye holes cut out. Yes, Michael stopped his rampage for a short time to make eye holes in some sheets. Lynda Van Der Klok ( P.J. Soles ), sitting in the bed with the sheets covering her modesty (for the most part) mistakes the approaching “ghost” for her boyfriend Bob. Annoyed at Bobs silence, she calls up her friend Laurie.  Michael pounces upon the young teen, strangles her with the telephone cord just as Laurie picks up, who assume the noises coming down the line are sexual of nature. Kinky!

Friday the 13th (1980) – Smoked Bacon

Friday the 13th (1980) - 11 Scariest Bedroom Scenes in Horror Movie History - Horror Land

Before Kevin Bacon became centre of the universe, he was a young actor happy to take on any role offered to him. And whilst he went on to do bigger and better things, it was a low budget horror film that teased him in during the late 70s.

Bacon appeared in the very first Friday the 13th  flick as camp counsellor Jack Burrell, whose sexual encounter with fellow counsellor Marcie, leads to a grim fate. After the two lovers rough and tumble in one of the cabin’s bunk beds, Marcie heads for a classic post coital shower, leaving Jack to his thoughts. Jack is sadly unaware that there’s a killer under the bed, as he takes an arrow to his throat. Marcie follows a short while after, as the killer slams an axe into her pretty little face.

Deadly Blessing (1981) – Sharon Stone Eats a Spider

Deadly Blessing (1981) - 11 Scariest Bedroom Scenes in Horror Movie History - Horror Land

Deadly Blessings is a lesser known Wes Craven film that revolved around a woman being terrorised by a bunch of neo-Hittites. Lacking all the flair and tension that most Craven films are renowned for, this slow-ass film has only one redeeming moment, a nightmare sequence that’s right out of a 1970s Giallo flick.

Lana Marcus ( Sharon Stone ) has a terrible nightmare where a pair of hands slither out from behind her bed and garb hold of her head. As Lana screams, her eyes bulging, a large spider drops down from it’s web and falls into her open mouth.  It’s an incredibly striking scene, and it’s the one that appears on the poster and box art.

Dawn of the Dead (2004) – Morning Wake Up

Dawn of the Dead (2004) - 11 Scariest Bedroom Scenes in Horror Movie History - Horror Land

There have been many films that tried to capture the magic that George A. Romero weaved in his amazing series of ‘Dead’ films, but none have come closer than the Zack Snyder’s 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead . And the film kicks off in a blood-soaked bedroom.  

The film opens with nurse Ana ( Sarah Polley ) finishing a long shift and returning to her suburban neighbourhood and her husband Louis ( Louis Ferreira ). As dawn breaks, a young girl from the neighbourhood enters the bedroom and attacks the couple, Killing Louis with a vicious bite to the neck. Not one to lie down on a job, Louis reanimates into a furious, blood drenched, zombie and attacks Ana, forcing her to flee through the bathroom windows. Outside she finds chaos as the world falls to the zombie apocalypse. It’s a startling pre-title sequence which really ramps up the terror and gore and heralds in the start of the end.

Se7en (1995) – Sloth

Se7en (1995) - 11 Scariest Bedroom Scenes in Horror Movie History - Horror Land

As crime thrillers go, none are as dark and bleak as David Fincher’s Seven . Brad Pitt stars as Detective David Mills, who has moved to a gritty rain soak city, along with his wife. His very first case leads on him down a rabbit hole of horror, as a serial killers master plan begins to unravel.

Having already discovered two bodies representing gluttony and greed, a third victim is found strapped to a bed. Evidence strewn across the bedroom reveals that man was a drug dealer and child molester and he had been strapped to bed for over a year. This emaciated figure represent sloth, as he was unable to move for the entire time he was strapped down. Worse still, the rotting figure is still alive, clinging to life, having suffered just about as much as anyone could.

Misery (1990) – Hobble on Over

Misery (1990) - 11 Scariest Bedroom Scenes in Horror Movie History - Horror Land

Misery loves company, and for a writer who is recused by an overly exited fan, I think he can see the irony in that age old saying. Misery , based on a novel by Stephen King , is a psychological horror film that stars James Caan as an author of a successful series of Victorian romance novels featuring a character named Misery Chastain. But a car accident puts him in the hands of mega fan Annie Wilkes ( Kathy Bates ) who’s pretty pissed about his latest book.

Bed ridden with broken legs and a dislocated shoulder, Paul Sheldon ( Caan ) faces the wrath of angry Annie, as she finds out that he plans to kill off Misery. Annie forces Sheldon to re-write the entire novel, but to keep him in check, and to stop him from escaping, she hobbles the writer with a sledgehammer, breaking both his ankles. Now that’s one way to keep a writer motivated!

Poltergeist (1982) – Clowning around

Poltergeist (1982) - 11 Scariest Bedroom Scenes in Horror Movie History - Horror Land

Something funny is going on in the Freeling family home. Furniture is moving around by itself and a wardrobe just swallowed up their youngest member. In Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg’s collaborative horror Poltergeist , a spooky presence has taken hold and it knows what scares you.

There are several terrifying bedroom scenes in the film and any of them could have sat on this list proudly. There’s a tree that tries to swallow up one of the Freeling children, a poltergeist attack that has Diane Freeling (JoBeth Williams ) literally climbing the walls and a giant tentacle mouth thing that grows out of the kids bedroom wardrobe. However, for our pick of the most scariest bedroom scene, we had to pick the clown attack, that sees a creepy clown doll that drags poor Robbie (Oliver Robins) under the bed. If nightmares had faces, it would look like this damn bedroom clown.

Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988) – Julia’s Resurrection

Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988) - 11 Scariest Bedroom Scenes in Horror Movie History - Horror Land

There Hellraiser franchise has lost its ways in recent years, but the first three films are still sensational shockers that are everything horror fans need. Hell bound continued the story of Kirsty Cotton (Ashley Laurence) , as she discovers that the box has fallen into the hands of a crazed doctor. Worst still, he’s just resurrected Kirsty stepmother, Julia ( Clare Higgins ), and she’s got a real hunger for flesh.

Continuing from the first film, we last saw Julia’s bloody corpse cradling the Lament Configuration lying across a bed. Hellbound brings her back when evil Dr. Channard ( Kenneth Cranham ), who is secretly obsessed with the Lament Configuration, convinces a mentally ill patient to cut himself with a straight razor, whilst lying on the same mattress Julia died on. The resulting bloody mess frees Julia from the Cenobites hell and her skinless naked corpse emerges from the mattress and devours the bleeding patient.

The Hellraiser films do many things so very well, but one of its greatest achievements is its gritty portrayal of resurrection. It looks painful, stressful and extremely messy. You’d certainly want a mop and bucket on standby.

Trainspotting (1996) – Baby comes back!  

Trainspotting (1996) - 11 Scariest Bedroom Scenes in Horror Movie History - Horror Land

Most of the films on this list are horror and whilst I’d happily populate this entire page with our favourite genre, there is one single drama film that deserves a spot here on this list. Trainspotting is a brutal, often times funny, other times terrifying portrayal of drug addiction. And one of its most powerful moments comes when the films anti-hero, Mark “Rent Boy” Renton, wakes from a heroin hit to find his friends baby daughter has died of neglect. It’s a shocking moment that shows just how gripped by addiction the characters are. It also leads to one of the most disturbing scenes in the film.

Renton’s parents lock him in his childhood bedroom and force him to go cold turkey. Whilst stuck in the grips of withdrawal, Renton experiences distributing hallucinations, including one that see the dead baby crawling across the ceiling towards him. Renton blames himself for the baby’s death, and it’s here that his inner turmoil manifests itself as a creepy baby with an Exorcist complex. It’s nasty stuff but a testament to Ewan McGregor’s acting skills, who sells the entire scene.

Exorcist (1973) – The Power of Christ

Exorcist (1973) - 11 Scariest Bedroom Scenes in Horror Movie History - Horror Land

The majority of William Friedkin’s Academy Award winning adaption of The Exorcist takes place inside of Regan MacNeil bedroom. As the film is still classed as one of the scariest films ever made, you could say that entire film is one big terrifying bedroom scene. Picking one moment above the rest is hard. But for this list, it’s a classic scene that has cemented itself into public consciousness, as it’s discussed, critiqued and parodied, even in today’s film and TV.

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“Zzzzz…..(Bonk)  Wow..what the hell! You just caught me having forty winks when this article just slapped me upside my head! Nothing beats a good snooze in bed but when some angry zombie clown is trying to drag you under it, it’s time to start sleeping in the car! What do you think Horror Fans? Sound up and let us know what’s your favorite bedroom related scene in film. 

Keep Rotten”

“Morti” The Mortician

a haunted house movie ghost in bed scene


Bruce Campbell Reveals Most “Disturbing” Fan Interaction - Horror News - Horror Land

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a haunted house movie ghost in bed scene

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Whenever I watch found footage horror movies, I hope for a scene where the ghost/creature/whatever suddenly grabs the camera and starts shooting its own footage. Because if you’re stupid enough to continue recording when crap hits the fan, you deserve to die horribly and with better cinematography. The ghost will give me a better, less shaky look at the terrible things it’s doing to the deserving victim. Since it knows exactly what’s about to go down, it will choose better angles and shots.

As a parody of found footage movies, 2013’s "A Haunted House" offered the potential for a scene like this. I would never have known it didn’t contain one had I not been assigned "A Haunted House 2." Since the Continuity Police arrested me for reviewing "Red 2" before seeing " Red ," I streamed "A Haunted House" before venturing out to a public screening of its sequel. I learned there is no need to see "A Haunted House" unless you desire a marginally better version of the material that pollutes "A Haunted House 2."

To recap the first film: Strange, paranormal events befall Malcolm ( Marlon Wayans ) when he moves in with his girlfriend Kisha ( Essence Atkins ). These events look suspiciously like " Paranormal Activity ," one of the many films this series attempts to parody. Malcolm hires a psychic who is more interested in trying to have sex with him than figuring out what is causing appliances to move by themselves.

In a plot twist I wish " Sex and the City " had used, Malcolm discovers that Kisha sold her soul to the Devil for a pair of expensive shoes. Mucho mayhem ensues, most of it manifested as reprehensibly unfunny homophobia. In a scene one can never unsee, Malcolm is raped by the evil spirit haunting his house, a rape he uploads to YouTube by accident. This is supposed to be funny. A lot of people apparently thought so, otherwise we wouldn’t have this sequel.

"A Haunted House 2" opens with the still possessed Kisha being disposed of by Malcolm and his unbearably annoying cousin Ray-Ray ( Affion Crockett ). But Kisha’s not gonna be ignored, so her spirit possesses Malcolm’s new abode. This affects not only Kisha’s ex but his new squeeze Megan (Jamie Pressly), her sullen, teenage daughter, Becky ( Ashley Rickards ), and her son Wyatt ( Steele Stebbins ).

This time, the main target of parody is " Sinister ," though jabs at " Insidious " are also present. The botched re-enactments of the former’s murderous 8mm home movies aren’t funny, but they’re at least well done. The "Insidious" scenes are so bad you feel sorry for the actors in them, especially Cedric the Entertainer, who reprises his role as Father Williams.

"A Haunted House 2" tones down the gay jokes but ups the streak of animal cruelty. Taking a page from " The Hangover Part III ," co-screenwriter Wayans tries to wring comic mileage out of the graphic destruction of live animal tissue. The rooster fight shown in the commercials is lifted directly from "Hangover III," though this time there’s only one angry bird. What happens to it confirms my unnatural fear of ceiling fans. The rooster’s facial reaction to Wayans’ attempt to destroy it (which you can also see in the commercials) is the only laugh to be had in "A Haunted House 2."

If you are a dog person, DO NOT SEE THIS FILM. (In fact, don’t read this paragraph.) A canine is squashed flatter than a pancake by a safe, which admittedly is done in exaggerated comic fashion, but another is beaten, shot repeatedly and chainsawed. The resulting carnage is lovingly depicted, and if that weren’t enough, the poor creature’s head is then blown off by a shotgun in front of Megan’s kids. Now, I’m no prude. Some of the stuff I’ve found funny would curl your hair and probably make you pray for me. But my only reaction to scenes like this is disgust.

Besides Cedric the Entertainer, who is a very funny stand-up comedian who can act (see " Barbershop "), "A Haunted House 2" also wastes the talents of veteran Kym Whitley and Gabriel Iglesias . Hell, it wastes the talents of all involved, because this isn’t even a movie. It’s edited like a series of end-credit outtakes and doesn’t even try to be coherent. It flashes its cynical, cash-grabbing intentions like a bright neon diner sign on a New Jersey state road. The low cost ensures that it will make money even if just the Wayans go see it.

Speaking of the Wayans, Marlon Wayans is a talented man. Don’t mock that sentence—it is true. He’s worked with Darren Aronofsky (" Requiem for a Dream ") and the Coens ("The Ladykilers"). He co-wrote the similar, though far funnier " Scary Movie ." And whenever he speaks of his long-gestating Richard Pryor biopic, tingles go up my spine. I want to see that movie. Why is he wasting his time on this excrement? Why did I need to see scene after unfunny scene of Wayans nakedly humping a creepy children’s doll (there must be 10 minutes of this footage)? Who gives a damn what movie it’s supposed to be parodying? He could be playing Richard Pryor instead of doing this.

Odie Henderson

Odie Henderson

Odie "Odienator" Henderson has spent over 33 years working in Information Technology. He runs the blogs Big Media Vandalism and Tales of Odienary Madness. Read his answers to our Movie Love Questionnaire  here .

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Film credits.

A Haunted House 2 movie poster

A Haunted House 2 (2014)

Rated R for crude and sexual content, nudity, pervasive language, drug use and some violent images

Marlon Wayans as Malcolm

Jaime Pressly as Megan

Essence Atkins as Kisha

Gabriel Iglesias as Miguel

Missi Pyle as Noreen

Ashley Rickards as Becky

Affion Crockett as Ray Ray

Steele Stebbins as Wyatt

Rick Overton as Professor Wilde

Dave Sheridan as Agouhl

  • Michael Tiddes
  • Marlon Wayans
  • Rick Alvarez

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The Best Ghost Parody Movies, Ranked

Ranker Film

This is a ghoulish list of the best ghost parody movies! Parodies of ghost films tend to play with the tropes of horror films involving ghosts and haunted houses, and the pottery scene from Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Funny ghost movie spoofs work since ghost/haunted house films tend to have little to no levity to them.

The seriousness of ghost films allows satirical ghost movies to take the wind out of their sails and allows the humor to not be beholden to those films, although that doesn’t mean they don’t play with ghost stereotypes. Mining humor from ghost films for parody or satire has proved to be a good idea as one of the most successful and popular ghost films ever made was created by some comedians. You might have heard of it; it’s called Ghostbusters and it’s listed on most lists of best ghost movies ever made. You will also find several famous actors on this list like Michael J. Fox in The Frighteners  which was directed by Peter Jackson. There is also the Abbott and Costello movie  Hold That Ghost  on this list.

So, pass through to the other side with this list of top ghost parody films and share it with your friends and re-rank it to your liking. If you see a film missing from the list, feel free to add it!



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Ghostbusters II

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Scary Movie 2

Scary Movie 2

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Haunted Honeymoon

Haunted Honeymoon

Hold That Ghost

Hold That Ghost


  • # 397 of 695 The All-Time Greatest Comedy Films
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A Haunted House

A Haunted House

The Ghost Breakers

The Ghost Breakers

  • # 269 of 695 The All-Time Greatest Comedy Films
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A Haunted House 2

A Haunted House 2

Scary Movie 4

Scary Movie 4

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    1h 26m IMDb RATING 5.0 /10 49K YOUR RATING Rate Play trailer 2:30 17 Videos 63 Photos Comedy Fantasy Horror Malcolm and Kisha move into their dream home, then learn that a demon also resides there. When Kisha becomes possessed, Malcolm--determined to keep his sex life on track--turns to a priest, a psychic, and a ghostbusting team for help.

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    A family heads to an isolated hotel for the winter where a sinister presence influences the father into violence, while his psychic son sees horrific forebodings from both past and future. Director: Stanley Kubrick | Stars: Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd, Scatman Crothers Votes: 1,088,276 | Gross: $44.02M 2.

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    Permalink. Basically, "A Haunted House" (2013) qualifies as a clever carbon copy parody of the found footage chiller "Paranormal Activity," but told entirely from an African-American perspective. Director Michael Tiddes and leading man Marlon Wayans parlayed this $2.5 million comedy into a box office bonanza.

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    A Haunted House 2 is a 2014 American satirical horror comedy film directed by Michael Tiddes and starring Marlon Wayans.The film is the sequel to the 2013 film A Haunted House and the final installment in the duology. Produced by IM Global Octane and distributed by Open Road Films, the film was released on March 28, 2014. Like its predecessor, the film received negative reviews from critics ...

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    The ghost will give me a better, less shaky look at the terrible things it's doing to the deserving victim. Since it knows exactly what's about to go down, it will choose better angles and shots. As a parody of found footage movies, 2013's "A Haunted House" offered the potential for a scene like this.

  22. The Funniest Ghost Movie Spoofs, Ranked By Fans

    This is a ghoulish list of the best ghost parody movies! Parodies of ghost films tend to play with the tropes of horror films involving ghosts and haunted houses, and the pottery scene from Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Funny ghost movie spoofs work since ghost/haunted house films tend to have little to no levity to them.

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